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How NOT to Get a Visa

Lesson one: If you are from the US and you are going to Vietnam, you need a visa! Find out how to get one, and do better than we did!

The Ultimate Checklist to Take Control of your Finances

This is how you reassess your financial situation and improve your life.

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How NOT to Get a Visa

Lesson one: If you are from the US and you are going to Vietnam, you need a visa! Find out how to get one, and do better than we did!

first time investing, how to invest for a beginner, get in the stock market for the first time

Don’t Invest A Penny Until You Read This

As a self-taught lady in the world of finance, I know I would have loved for someone to tell me these important things before diving into the stock market. This is how to prepare to take the plunge.

travel cheap, scotts cheap flights, google flights, how to book cheap plane tickets

How I Traveled to 8 Countries in One Year for Under $1100 in International Airfare

How to Find International Cheap Flights Last year I had the following itinerary. Technically, I went to 7 countries, (Italy was twice), but I flew back and forth to and from the US 4 times for $1037. Yes, I used miles for the other two, but even then, had I paid in cash that would…

travel anxiety, anxiety, ways to cope with anxiety, stress,

Dealing With Anxiety in One Simple Step

Anxiety, whether it be on a trip, in a business meeting, or any high-pressure situation can be overwhelming. Find out the best method for dealing with it, that has worked for me for years.

Steve Jobs, Steve Jobs uniform, decision fatigue, what is decision fatigue

I Love Steve Jobs and His Uniform: Avoiding Decision Fatigue

Steve Jobs was a brilliant guy but I have found this one piece of information from him particularly helpful. This is how to apply some of his ideas to your daily life so you can be more brilliant too.

how tax brackets work, understanding tax brackets, how do taxes work, how much tax will i pay

What You Need to Know About Tax Brackets

Taxes are confusing and frustrating, and it often seems like nobody really knows how they work. But we should! So read up on how tax brackets work.

using canva, canva features

8 Things You Need to Know About Canva Before You Use It

Canva is an amazing tool that helps people make beautiful images. As with all things, there is some good and some bad. This is my list of 8 things I love and hate about Canva that you need to know before you use it.

Global Entry TSA PreCheck

Why Global Entry is the Best $100 You’ll Ever Spend

You can spend $100 in a lot of ways. But Global Entry and TSA Pre-Check are my favorites. Get through customs in less time by using Global Entry.

Raise Credit Score

5 Steps to Raise Your Credit Score

Need a better solution than “pay your bills on time”? This is a plan for those of us who want to raise our credit score on a low income.

FICO Score What and How

How FICO Scores Work and What They Mean

FICO credit score is a confusing thing. With so much riding on this number, you need to know some things: what the heck is going on here? Who decided this was the number and what does the number even mean? Here we demystify it by breaking it down into its base components to understand how it’s calculated and how we can use that to our advantage.

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