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Things to Do on One of the World’s Longest Flights

Kill time on 17 hour flight

Let’s face it, any flight over 6 hours is difficult to sit through. Here’s how we survived a flight three times that long. Mr. X (my partner and travel companion) and I flew from Los Angeles to Singapore on a flight that topped 17 hours. It ranks as one of the top 5 longest flights in the world. No matter how zen or self-sustaining you are, your mental capabilities are no match for 17 hours in a cramped jet.

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How NOT to Get A Visa

how to get a visa

Lesson one: If you are from the US and going to certain countries, you need a visa! Find out how to get one, and do better than we did!

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Keeping it Fair: How to Deal with Money on a Group Trip

How to hand money in group travel

Unless you have weird friends like I do, it’s likely that nobody in your group likes to talk about money. But too many fights have started because somebody isn’t paying their share, somebody isn’t keeping track, or because somebody feels taken advantage of.

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How to Survive Group Travel

Survive Group Travel

Everybody fantasizes about a girl’s trip to Hawaii, a family trip to the Northeast, or a college reunion in Mexico. But what happens when the fantasy becomes a reality? If you decide to travel with just a few friends or even a larger group, it’s important to know what you’re signing up for before you go.

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Travel Safety Tips for Asia

Travel Asia Safely

Let’s talk about safety. Now, I am an incredibly anxious person, from a long line of very anxious people. That means that I am not only afraid of most situations, but I also have my family calling and emailing me while I’m abroad reminding me of other things to worry about.

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How The Stock Market Works

How the Stock Market Works

Every time I read an article on how the stock market works or what it’s like to be a first-time investor, it is always teeming with cautions and horror stories of people losing their retirements from the 2008 and dot com crash.  Fire and brimstone and ghosts from the 1929 crash materialize and scream for you to run away from the market and really guys, the apocalypse is just one trade away so DON’T DO IT!

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