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How FICO Scores Work and What They Mean

FICO Score What and How

FICO credit score is a confusing thing. With so much riding on this number, you need to know some things: what the heck is going on here? Who decided this was the number and what does the number even mean? Here we demystify it by breaking it down into its base components to understand how it’s calculated and how we can use that to our advantage.

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The Best Way to De-Stress in Less than 20 Seconds

Destress Square Breathe

Life is stressful, alone even more so. Whether you are on a group trip and you’re upset with a friend for being pushy, if you are alone and feeling overwhelmed or fighting with your partner and not feeling heard, there are times when we want to lash out, scream or cry. How do you keep your cool when you feel like you might explode or cry? Read on to find out how to diffuse the situation in less than 20 seconds.

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