Who We Are

We are the Everyday Experts and we help people create the life they want.

We believe that regular people can make cool stuff happen no matter their age, budget, or expertise.

We believe that small, decisive actions in the right direction can lead to big changes and better futures.

We also believe that goals are easier to achieve with a little bit of guidance and that’s why we’re here. Whether you want to learn how to manage your credit cards, plan for an exciting trip, make more money, invest, or generally stop breaking out in a sweat everytime you look at your bank account, we’ve got you covered.

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Emily Warchot

Here are 6 fun and fast facts to get to know CEO and cofounder of Everyday Experts.

1. I love to travel and have been to 13 countries in the last year.
2. I started my first creative agency at 24 and my second business at 27.
3. I am a rage filled feminist.
4. I am learning to play piano.
5. I like to grow Swiss chard and zucchini in my garden.
6. I'm obsessed with my underbite dog Charlie.


Sarah Norman

Here are 6 fun and fast facts to get to know CEO and cofounder of Everyday Experts.

1. I am self taught and bought my first investment book at 13.
2. I have a culinary degree. Food is my life.
3. Books are the most important thing to me.
4. I've only traveled to countries that start with "I.”
5. I opened my first trade account at 18.
6. My life motto is: Try Everything Once, Twice to Be Sure.